4 Simple Tips for Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Hi everyone, I am a balanced dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.  I help people get results.  I wrote this blog to help give you a guide on what really helps to turn things issues around with your dog.  Enjoy!

1.  Consistency – Dogs are like kids in that they thrive in consistency.  Routines, rules and schedules work well for them because there is a certain comfort in knowing some things are always the same.  Being consistent with rules is a game changer.  Make sure everyone in your household is also on board with enforcing your rules.  Let me give you some examples of rules you can be consistent with:  

2.  Pressure – Most people disregard and misunderstand pressure as a method of getting amazing results in your dog buying into you as pack leader.  Why is pressure important?  Because dogs are not verbal animals – their communication lies solely in body language.  What does pressure mean?    

There are 3 forms of it:  

Pressure is a game changer and is the difference between a dog listening only to get a reward or listening because it buys into you as a leader or authority.  For me, having my dog buy into me as a leader is really a safety issue.  When I’m doing off-leash training in Portland, I train dogs to focus on me and the training even with distractions like squirrels and other dogs.  Of course the repetition in dog training is a key to success, but if a dog also buys into you as a leader then you’ve got a dog that’s listening really well over-all.  

3.  Mindset – Whatever you are trying to teach your dog, don’t give up!  Sometimes it takes even professional dog trainers a few days before a breakthrough occurs.  Sometimes a breakdown appears to happen but remember on the other side of that is a breakthrough. 

4.  Guidance – Want to know the easiest way to get better results?  Work with either a martingale or prong collar (which applies pressure), and leash your dog up 100% of the time until you start to have breakthroughs.  If you hired me to be your balanced dog trainer in Portland, I would do exactly that.  Doing this gives them guidance so they know what is expected of them in every moment.  

I hope this is helpful!  I help people with e-collar training in Portland, Oregon.  I also assist people with behavioral issues and off-leash dog training in Portland.  

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