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Belgian Malinois Origin and Why You Shouldn’t Own One

Belgian Malinois Puppy Sitting

Belgian Malinois Origin and Why You Shouldn’t Own One The Belgian Malinois is a powerful working dog breed coming from Belgium.  While they are fascinating and beautiful, they will not be the best choice for a family pet dog.  I’ll be going over the history of the Belgian Malinois origin.  In addition, this blog will […]

Ten Tips for How to Introduce a Second Dog

dogs playing

How to Introduce a Second Dog Some dog owners experience introducing two new dogs as a fun and easy process.  However, it can be challenging if one or both dogs are either reactive or nervous with new dogs. How to introduce a second dog when you’re concerned about their behavior requires careful planning and patience.  […]

How to Keep a Husky Cool in the Summer

Keep your husky cool

How to Keep a Husky Cool in the Summer Siberian Huskies are wonderful dogs, but their incredibly thick coat and undercoat make it a challenge to cool them down in hot months. If you are wondering how to keep your husky cool in the summer, I’ll be going over some of my best tips for […]

How To Introduce a Puppy to a Cat

how to introduce a puppy to a cat

  How to Introduce a Puppy to a Cat The process of how to introduce a puppy to a cat requires patience, gradual introductions, and understanding the behavior of both animals. If you have an older cat and a very wild puppy, it can lead to a very unhappy cat.  I will be addressing that […]

How To Train Pitbull Puppies Not To Bite

train pitbull puppy not to bite

How to Train Pitbull Puppies Not to Bite: A Balanced Approach   It is very important to know how to train pitbull puppies not to bite.  You want to raise your pitbull puppy with a lot of leadership as pitbulls grow into very muscular and powerful dogs.  Many are quite sweet and docile, but some […]

Puppy Witching Hour

puppy witching hour

Puppy Witching Hour: Help For Hyperactive Puppies Raising a puppy properly is journey that will lead you to owning an awesome adult dog. However, it can be pretty stressful at first, especially when you bring a young puppy home. There’s a phenomenon that some puppy owners deal with called the puppy witching hour.  The puppy […]

Why Are Puppies So Hyper?

why are puppies so hyper?

Why are puppies so hyper and how to calm them down… Dealing with a new puppy brings lots of hyper energy into the home.  It’s a lot to get used to.  Puppies are adorable but also bundles of energy.  If you’ve ever wondered why puppies seem to have so much energy and what you can […]

The Benefits of a Puppy Board and Train

puppy training portland

The Benefits of a Puppy Board and Train   In this comprehensive guide, I will explore the benefits of enrolling your puppy in a board and train program and offer tips for various stages of puppy training. As exciting as it is when you bring a new puppy home, it’s equally as overwhelming.  Puppies are […]

What To Do If Your 2 Year Old Dog Becomes Suddenly Aggressive

2 Year Old Dog Suddenly Aggressive

Why Is My 2-Year-Old Dog Suddenly Aggressive?    Whether you have owned your dog since a puppy or adopted an older dog, you may find your 2 year old dog suddenly aggressive.  This is a distressing experience that can leave you concerned and bewildered as you try to understand the causes of this.  In this […]

How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

How long does it take to train a dog?

How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog? Training a dog is an exciting journey that requires time, dedication, and a tailored approach. If you’re wondering how long it takes to train a dog, you’re not alone. The answer varies based on a multitude of factors, ranging from genetics to training methods. In this […]

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