How To Fix Leash Reactivity

Hi everyone! If you are struggling with leash reactivity in Portland Oregon or anywhere for that matter I am available for consultations and lessons. Leash reactivity can be a little tricky to “fix.” But let me break it down for you a bit. There are a few theories as to why this happens in dogs. […]

Too Much Affection Can Be Working Against You in Training Your Dog

Hi, I am a balanced dog trainer in Portland Oregon.  I help people with serious behavioral issues, basic dog training and rehabilitation.  Here are my thoughts on too much affection with your dog. Coming from the animal kingdom, dogs rely on instinct to make decisions and they are always ranking everyone around them to see […]

4 Simple Tips for Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Hi everyone, I am a balanced dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.  I help people get results.  I wrote this blog to help give you a guide on what really helps to turn things issues around with your dog.  Enjoy! 1.  Consistency – Dogs are like kids in that they thrive in consistency.  Routines, rules and […]

Teaching “No” in Balanced Dog Training

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Teaching “No” in Balanced Dog Training How to Teach Your Dog the Word “No” I’m a balanced dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.  Often times when people reach out to get in touch with me about dog training, they have a huge list of unwanted behaviors that they would like their dog to stop. Here is […]

The Feedback Loop in Dog Training

A lot of people think a balanced dog trainer can “fix” their dog and their issues.  The reality is that the relationship you have with your dog is a two-way street.  Many people don’t realize that the dynamics that occur between and owner and their dog work like a feedback loop.  Sure, there may be […]

Are E-Collars Humane in Dog Training?

I am a balanced dog trainer in Portland.  I actually used to think e-collars were inhumane, but after getting a dog with serious behavioral issues, I discovered how amazing they were. Here’s the deal.  Not only do I think e-collars are great, I believe that without e-collars you can get in a lot of trouble.  […]

From Training Horses to Training Dogs

From Training Horses to Training Dogs Throwback to when I used to ride horses. 1st photo: before training with the cowboy.  2nd photo: after training with the cowboy.  3rd photo: the cowboy. My parents took me to a stable that showed horses and I started riding and training with the head trainer there.  I eventually […]

Nurturing not Coddling

Nurturing not Coddling I read a recent article on the difference between nurturing and coddling in parenting.  This led me to look up the dictionary definition of “coddling:” To treat with extreme or excessive care or kindness; to treat with indulgence; to pamper. We can easily see the pitfalls of over-indulgence or pampering.  I always […]

Why I’m Into Kenneling (Crating) Dogs

Why I’m Into Kenneling (Crating) Dogs In this blog I want to address some key points on the importance of crate training your dog.  I am a balanced dog trainer in Portland, Oregon and I love helping my clients with getting their dog into a better state of mind.  Crate training is a major part […]

E-collar Dog Training

Learn the E-collar Dog Training from the Portland Professional Dog Trainer If you are interested in e-collar dog training in Portland Oregon, check out some of my videos.  I use e-collars in all of my dog training programs as they are a fantastic communication tool to use in dog training.  The collars I use and […]