Client Resource Page

Welcome to Balanced Pack K9 Training!

So glad you are here and super excited to be working with you and your dog.  This page is going to have resources for you to help support you through the process.  You’ll also have access to it even after you have completed my training program.  

If you have any questions feel free to text me or email me at:

First Things First:

When we begin training, we’ll initially do 2 things. 

  • Sign a contract
  • Take some “before” video footage of you and your dog (it doesn’t have to look pretty lol).  If you don’t want to be on YouTube/social media please let me know ahead of time.  

Here is the contract if you want to check it out ahead of time: 

Balanced Pack K9 -Training Contract

Intro Videos on the Collars

These two videos explain both the prong and e-collar we’ll be using.  I recommend you watch these before our first lession. 

Cesar Millan Lecture

Instructional Videos

After our first session, I definitely recommend you dig into these instructional videos.  Some are mine and some are my dog trainer teachers. 

Watching videos is an important part of the learning process in dog training.  It helps us to perfect our technique and muscle memory.  I recommend coming back to the basics as much as possible – even after our training program is completed.

Also highly recommend these videos for pack leadership...


Here is a super informative podcast on rehabbing severe “separation anxiety.”

Recommended products:

If you have a dog that has broken out of their kennel and need a tougher crate, check out:  Ruff land Kennels

Another tool for corrections:  The Pet Convincer