By adding a ton of structure into your dog's day (leadership exercises, the structured walk, crating your dog, the place command, and limiting affection, you will actually start to see a calmer dog with less behavioral issues that understands that you are the pack leader. 

Private Lessons

The private lessons can address a lot of issues in addition to teaching basic obedience.  3 lessons is really a ‘crash course.’  In a package of 5 lessons we can do more and get you more up to speed with everything. 


We’ll be going over the mechanics of the training, the philosophy and anything in your relationship/household with your dog that I notice that could be tweaked to make things better.  All of the training is based off of creating a tighter structured lifestyle with your dog that helps your dog to understand that you make the decisions and are the pack leader. 


If your dog is having more serious behavioral issues, its best if you drop your dog off with me at my house (for part of the 1st lesson and/or 2nd lesson). This is because dogs have old associations with owners that often feed into unwanted behaviors.


All lessons are 90 minutes. For behavioral issues, the sessions can be booked closer together so that your dog can retain as much information as possible

3 lessons : $900

5 lessons : $1200

Add-on Lessons: $150

*Price includes a Mini Educator e-collar, and a Herm Sprenger prong collar. These tools are requirements in my training program.

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Skype & Phone Consultations

If you are training your dog on your own and want a consultation with lots of advice and homework?  We can do Skype, Zoom or phone sessions.  I can walk you through the issue you’re working on. I will also send you tons of free information and videos. 

Phone calls : $75/hr

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