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Your Relationship With Your Dog Is a Feedback Loop


A lot of people think a balanced dog trainer can “fix” their dog and their issues.  The reality is that the relationship you have with your dog is a two-way street.  Many people don’t realize that the dynamics that occur between an owner and their dog work like a feedback loop. 

What this means is that you get back what you put out.  Say your dog has been leash reactive, and this has frightened you.  Every time you go out with your dog you will most certainly, but putting out a fearful energy.  Your dog then responds to that and it can intensify their reactivity.  This then makes you more frightened, and so on.

dog in crate


Dogs Respond to Energy

Sure, there may be a genetic predisposition of the dog, but more often than not, there is also the energy that a person is putting into the feedback loop.  The dog then responds and gives that energy back – and the behaviors that arise from this feedback loop can look really out of control and even be outright dangerous.

I work as a dog behaviorist and balanced dog trainer in Portland, Oregon.  I help people with a balanced approach and also do ecollar training in Portland.  In my experience, most people share pretty “soft energy” with their dogs which can contribute to and even create behavioral issues.  As a dog behaviorist I focus a lot on energy, and teaching people how to share strong, grounded and neutral energy with their dogs.  This is the difference between “coddling and nurturing.”


Both Owners And Dogs Need Training

A lot of potential clients say, “I know I really need training just as much as my dog.”  This is absolutely true and a good place to start.  It’s both though.  We can teach our dogs a lot of things and get them into a way calmer state of mind with the training methods I teach, but cleaning up your energy and also codependent reliance on your dog for emotional support is helpful when you want to have a mentally balanced dog and see real change.

If you are looking for a balanced dog trainer in Portland Oregon, or e-collar off-leash training in Portland, Oregon please reach out to Balanced Pack K9 Training

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