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Portland Board and Train Program

Board & Train w/ Private Lessons

I recommend the Board & Train in Portland with me if you’ve really been struggling with your dog and want them to have the opportunity to go deeper into their training.  Your dog will be living with me in my house and so it will be a warmer environment for them than a kennel.  


Currently I am only offering short board & trains of 3 -5 days.  


I will work with them intensively on what is called, “behavioral modification,” or, practicing new behaviors and stopping unwanted behaviors.  I can really practice shaping new behaviors with your dog while increasing their over-all confidence. 


Your dog’s days with me will be very structured.  They will be kenneled, unless they are out working with me.  I will take them out several times a day for long sessions and they will be tired.  The kennel will help them rest and mentally process all of the new information.  It’s an important part of the rehab process. 


Five private lessons will be included in the price so that I can get you up to speed with what your dog has learned.  We will work on confidence building for both you and your dog so that you feel empowered to be your dog’s pack leader.


We’ll be going over the mechanics of the training and anything in your relationship/household with your dog that I notice that can be changed to make things better.  All of the training is based off of creating a tighter structured lifestyle with your dog that helps your dog to understand that you make the decisions and are the pack leader.  This clears up a lot of anxiety in dogs because they realize they can trust you to navigate the world for them.

Dogs often have old associations with owners that feed into unwanted behaviors.  Sometimes when a dog sees its owners after a board & train many trainers see the dog appear to have a set-back.  This is why I want you to come for private lessons while your dog is staying with me so that you are ahead of the game for when they return home with you.  I work with my client’s dogs at my house for the board and train in Portland, Oregon. 

3 Days w/ 5 lessons $1400

5 Days w/ 5 lessons $1700

*Price includes a Mini Educator e-collar, and a Herm Sprenger prong collar. These tools are requirements in my training program.

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Balanced dog Training Portland

Zoom Consultations

If you are training your dog on your own and want a consultation with lots of advice and homework?  We can do Zoom or phone sessions.  I can walk you through the issue you’re working on. I will also send you tons of free information and videos. 

Price: $100 for 45 minutes

Balanced dog Training Portland

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