E-collar Dog Training

Learn the E-collar Dog Training from the Portland Professional Dog Trainer

If you are interested in e-collar dog training in Portland Oregon, check out some of my videos.  I use e-collars in all of my dog training programs as they are a fantastic communication tool to use in dog training.  The collars I use and recommend are some of the best on the market today and are the same technology a tens unit that a chiropractor has (basically it is electrical stimulation).  The best collars you can buy go from levels 1-100 so you have a wide range of stim to communicate with your dog.

With the ecollar we can work the dog on low levels which feels to them like a gentle tap on the shoulder or we can shout at “correction level” if we need to stop any unwanted behaviors etc.  Some unwanted behaviors in dogs are quite dangerous and need to be stopped immediately so the e-collar or remote collar is a great way to do to that efficiently.  As a balanced dog trainer in Portland, I utilize both positive and negative reinforcement in my work. This is really simple.  Basically we reward what we like, and correct what we don’t like.  It’s a pretty black and white system, and it works really well.

Another thing the e-collar is awesome for is re-call (dog coming back when called) which I teach in my off leash training program in Portland Oregon.  The e-collar works like an invisible leash and is a great way to enjoy your dog even more (if you feel your dog is safe in the general public to be off leash and you want to take them hiking or to the beach but need to increase their reliability with the command come).  Using positive reinforcement only to teach the “come” command can only take you so far.  With some dogs that will work, but probably with most dogs, they will at times (or often) blow off your come command for something of a higher value in the moment.  There may be something of a higher value than the treat you have in your pocket – like a squirrel or cat and this is where the e-collar comes in to basically proof your dog and share with them a consequence for not coming back when called.  The thing to think about is – having a dog with a reliable re-call is really one of the things that makes a dog, “a good dog.”  It is also super dangerous to have a dog blowing off your “come” command when we live in a world with cars, streets, other off leash dogs and various dangerous things you don’t want your dog to get into.  With the e-collar you can continue to work on re-call which is also a super fun exercise to teach your dog.

If you are looking for someone that can help you with e-collar dog training in Portland Oregon check out some of my videos.

If you are looking for a Portland dog trainer for behavioural issues also check out my videos and fill out a contact form if you want to move forward.

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