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Learn E-collar Dog Training from a Portland Professional Dog Trainer

E-collar Mini Educator If you are interested in e-collar dog training in Portland Oregon, check out some of my videos for the remarkable transformations that occur.  I use e-collars in all of my dog training programs as they are a fantastic communication tool to use in dog training.

Best E Collars for Dogs

The e-collars for dog training I use and recommend is the best on the market today. It uses the same technology a tens unit that a chiropractor has. It is basically electrical stimulation or a muscle stimulator. I only use the e-collar technologies brand.

The best collars you can buy go from levels 1-100 so you have a wide range of stim to communicate with your dog.

With the ecollar we can work the dog on low levels which feels to them like a gentle tap on the shoulder. We can also shout at a “correction level” if we need to stop any unwanted behaviors etc.  Some unwanted behaviors in dogs are quite dangerous and need to be stopped immediately. The e-collar or remote collar is a great way to do to that efficiently.  As a balanced dog trainer in Portland, I utilize both positive and negative reinforcement in my work. This is really simple.

Basically I reward what I like, and correct what I don’t like.  It’s a pretty black and white system, and it works really well.

Another thing the e-collar is awesome for is re-call which I teach in my off leash training program in Portland Oregon.  The e-collar works like an invisible leash and is a great way to enjoy your dog even more. It’s like a leash-less leash that helps to communicate to them when we need them to come back. The best thing is, it actually works!

What about Positive Reinforcement Only Dog Training?

Using positive reinforcement only to teach the “come” command can only take you so far.  However, using food reward with dogs helps a lot when it comes to off-leash dog training in Portland.

If you only use food, many dogs will blow off your come command. Or they will only come back when you have food. If there is something of a higher value in the moment like a deer or dog training in portlandsquirrel they could take off on you. This is where the e-collar comes in to basically proof your dog and share with them a consequence for not coming back when called. It takes a lot of practice and reps for e-collar dog training to be reliable. It’s not just technology you can throw onto your dog and hope it works.

Shock Collar vs E collar

They’re the same thing. I actually like to call them shock collars because it’s important not to sugar coat that it can actually cause discomfort or momentary pain. If we understand that life always delivers a balanced approach to learning. Life puts pressure, stress and corrections on us humans too. If I speed and get a ticket I’m in trouble. If a break a bigger law, I’m in deeper trouble. Of course no one wants to hurt their dogs, but that is exactly why I think they are great tools for most people. People generally want to use them punitively only once in a while. 

The thing to think about is – having a dog with a reliable re-call is really one of the things that makes a dog, “a good dog.”  It is also super dangerous to have a dog blowing off your “come” command. We live in a world with cars, streets, other off leash dogs and various dangerous things you don’t want your dog to get into.  With the e-collar you can continue to work on re-call which is also a super fun exercise to teach your dog.

Do E Collars Hurt Dogs?

They can when used to give corrections. However, it’s a momentary discomfort with no lingering after effects of pain. In addition, most people don’t use it for corrections that often. They mostly use it for low level training. That’s the proper way to use an e-collar. Some people have an ethical issue with this. I don’t because I understand dogs are a huge liability for us humans. They can not only get into trouble, but they can get us into legal trouble. It’s a no brainer for me. If the e collar helps, then use it. 

Many positive reinforcement trainers call it cruel. The reality of the situation is that it helps so many dog owners. E-collar dog training helps with behavioral issues in dogs, and off-leash training. It’s logical to deduce that you want to keep your dog safer and out of trouble.

Using a tool like this helps. It’s important to remember that dogs are not people and they do not speak human languages. They need physical communication which this collar provides. 

If you are looking for someone that can help you with e-collar dog training in Portland Oregon check out some of my videos.

If you are looking for a Portland dog trainer for behavioral  issues also check out my FAQ page and fill out a contact form if you want to move forward with dog training.

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